The Labyrinth @ Alta Vista Botanical Gardens

These photos were taken on May 5th, 2013 (World Labyrinth Day) at the Labyrinth in Alta Vista Botanical Gardens. This five ring classical labyrinth was designed and built by Bryan Morse and his team of artisans at Expanding Horizons.

Measuring 72′ wide and 60′ deep this Labyrinth sits on an ocean view promontory.

Based on the Classic Greek Design this Labyrinth is a Five Ring version.




The Labyrinth is build around a 12′ tall Blue Granite sculpture by the local artist Anthony Amato called ‘Broken Link

Outside the entry to the Labyrinth is a sculpture by Melissa Ralston called ‘The Blessing Tree’


Entry is through a six foot wide archway. one rings the bell to set intention as they enter.


Participants walking the Labyrinth


On a clear day you can see the Pacific Ocean with Coronado and Catalina Islands




“My grand daughters just love the gardens, especially the labyrinth. They had a friend over on Sunday and of all the things they could have done, they chose to bring her to the Gardens because she had never been there and they thought she just had to see this magical place right in our own backyard.”  ~Ramona Ault

The ‘Broken Link’ sculpture anchors and brings energy to the center of the Labyrinth


“This is one of most beautiful labyrinth installations I’ve ever seen!” ~Richard Aquino







They wrote their intentions on rocks and deposited them at the base of the sculpture in the center of the Labyrinth.


4cf9d3725b98e.image (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
Children volunteered to help plant the Rosemary that now encircles the Labyrinth




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