Alta Vista Botanical Gardens Blooming in Brengle Terrace Park

Bryan Morse, the president and CEO of the group, walks through the gardens with bare feet. He can name most of the plants spread throughout the various themed areas because he planted most of them.

Clean and natural: Vista designer’s system uses plants to filter pool water

Unable to find any information about how to build a natural swimming pool, Morse said he “just went with what felt right” and built the pool as he would any other, with return lines, a main drain, skimmers and a pump. However, next to the pool he built two regeneration zones, which, unlike in European swim ponds, are completely separate from the swimming area.


An Accomplished Environmental Artist, Bryan Morse has left his imprint on the Gardens. An Officer of the Board of   Alta Vista Botanical  Gardens in Vista, CA for thirteen years and, for six years was the President of the Board and Director of Gardens.